case study: Veolia Bidston - Installation of a new Fire Suppression System

Working with Veolia as the Principal Contractor at the Bidston household waste and recycling facility to install a new fire suppression system.

Contract Duration: 24 weeks
Client: ES Merseyside & Halton Ltd
Role: Principal Contractor


Veolia operate a household waste and recycling facility, removing recyclables from the general waste stream and turning the remaining non-recyclables into electricity for use by the national grid, thus avoiding landfill and the associated negative environmental impact.


CBL were appointed to install a new fire suppression system at Veolia’s state of the art Waste Transfer Station at Bidston.



works included - part 1
  • Design and construct of foundations for the water tank and pump room
  • Removal and suitable disposal of excavations from the construction
  • Supply and install earthing system for water tank and pumphouse.
  • Connection to local SW drainage system
  • Plinth for Valve Set GRP
  • Installation of 900m3 water tank with bladder
  • Installation of 8m x 7m x 3.5mH GRP
  • Installation of fire pumps and ancillary pump room equipment
  • Installation of valve sets and ancillary equipment to valve set GRP
  • Power supply to pump room and Valve set GRP
  • Fire detection and call point to both the Pump room and Valve set GRP
  • Water supply to water tank
  • Sprinkler system Training
Part 2
  • H&S site supervision for Fire Suppression building installation Day-works
  • H&S site supervision for Fire Suppression building installation Out of Hours works
  • Installation of suppression systems to buildings 1-5.
  • Provision of scaffolding for installation of fire suppression pipework in MRF building
  • Cleaning of roof structure building steelwork to facilitate installation of suppression system in buildings 1-4
  • Openings into building for pipe route and flashing as required
  • Construction of a fire water containment wall
  • Installation of penstock valves to allow isolation of Foul and Surface Water
  • Provision of task lighting
  • Sprinkler system Testing & Commissioning
  • Sprinkler system Training