case study: Veolia Bidston

Working with Veolia as the Principal Contractor at the Bidston household waste and recycling facility to replace a large section of fire-damaged roof and cladding. CBL scaffold design ensured that operational activity could continue in all areas.

Contract Duration: 8 weeks
Client: ES Merseyside & Halton Ltd
Role: Principal Contractor


Veolia operate a household waste and recycling facility, removing recyclables from the general waste stream and turning the remaining non-recyclables into electricity for use by the national grid, thus avoiding landfill and the associated negative environmental impact.


CBL were required to replace the fire-damaged roof and structural elements above a busy working waste processing area without affecting the operational activities.


Utilising structural engineering disciplines to design a protective barrier for the workforce and live operational activities below. This was achieved by forming a physical crash-deck fixed to the underside of the existing roof structure.
90% of fire damaged materials were segregated and recycled. All new roofing materials were carefully sourced from manufacturers committed to achieving zero net carbon emissions.

works included
  • Full design of suspended scaffold and crash-deck system
  • Removal and replacement of fire damaged roof and cladding
  • Replacement of damaged structural sections
  • Installation of new ventilation